Website Update:
My website has been updated with some minor modifications in May 2010. It is now available in English only. A central download section for all my papers, publications, music files etc has been added and the gallery is now JAVA operated.

New project:
I am happy to be now the bass player of the Swinging Leaders Group. This is a jazz ensemble founded by top-notch Austrian managers, who play regularly at business and charity events. Check out the website

New project with the HAYDN JAZZ TRIO:

Folk, jazz and classic combined to a colorful mixture, continuously following the paradigm of the great Joseph Haydn - always rich in emotions, flavored with an artful sense of humor!

Bernhard Macheiner - Piano / Richard Barnert - Kontrabass / Martin Weninger - Percussion

Download: Press-Info & Tech Rider

Soundfiles from the live recording at the Backstage Bar have been added to the  Projects page.


CD debut from Marialena & Friends:

The group around the Indian pianist Marialena Fernandes releases the CD "Bolling!" in september 2007. After almost two years of working together, "Marialena & Friends" finally recorded their debut CD in march 2007 at Tonstudio Baumann. The recording focusses on the work of the french composer Claude Bolling and includes also a piece written by Richard Graf. Ludwig Flich (Klangbilder, Hifi&Records) writes:

two fantastic hit compositions by the “French Gershwin” in a new guise. Is it now classical or jazz? Who cares? Five outstanding Austrian musicians, coming together and complementing one another with great virtuosity in both styles, have taken Claude Bolling's entertaining, colourful crossover music and created a truly stirring, swinging musical adventure.


Peter Natterer Quartett releases new CD:

The new CD " The Passing" is out now and distributed europewide by Extraplatte. The recording session took place during the hottest three days of the last year in may 2005.  Beside this I also finished two studio recordings for the projects "Rich&Famous" and "Palmina Waters" by Renate Reich and Thomas Palme in january 2006. Take a look at their website for details.


Peter Natterer Quartett News:

Having returned from the tour to USA/Mexico the group has recorded its second CD. Take a look at the gallery for pictures.

Website Update:
New Soundfiles have been added to the Projects page.

Peter Natterer Quartett at the International Jazz Festival Madrid 2004:
Pictures from our concert at the Centro Cultural de La Villa Theatre are new in the

Coffeshop Update:
After the original temperature controller of my Isomac Zaffiro has passed away, I replaced it with a fully electric P-controller. The hot water now has got a temperature tolerance of 1 Kelvin instead of 8 Kelvin. Quality of the shots is incredibly improved. A Display is showing the current temperature of the heating element.

Macheiner / Barnert / Filz USA-Concerts 2004:
Pictures from the USA concerts of the MBF Trio can be found in the

TEC Award for AKG 271 Studio:
For having been the project manager of the AKG K271 Studio Headphones, I had the pleasure to receive the TEC Award 2003 in New York on October 11. Photos of the ceremony at the Marquis Marriot can be found in the